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Location & Hours

General Office Hours: Fri - Sun, 10am - 5pm


Fall - Winter Hours
Fri-Sun from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Final start times vary depending upon activity. Please check availability and start times by clicking on the book now button for activity schedules. Bike trail start times end 1 hour prior to closing. Riding must be completed by posted closing times.

Groups (10+ people) should contact Sarah Dickson at 828-450-3400.

85 Expo Drive | Asheville, NC 28806
Just 5 minutes from downtown


LOCALS Save 50%

on Monday, 05 January 2015. Posted in Asheville Outdoor Activities

The Adventure Center of Asheville offers January and February 50% Discount for Locals

ASHEVILLE – The Adventure Center of Asheville would like to offer Buncombe County and Henderson County residents a chance to enjoy our park in January and February for half price. The Adventure Center has three adventures that will be discounted during this time: Asheville Treetops Adventure Park, Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures and Kid Zip.

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park, for ages 4 and over, has 60 unique climbing, zipping, walking, jumping, swinging, and rappelling challenges anchored to over 30 trees and towering poles tucked into a wooded park. There are 5 courses ranging from beginner to challenging levels.

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures, for ages 10 and over, includes 12 ziplines and 3 bridges in treetop platforms on several large adventure towers with mountain and skyline views of Asheville.

Kid Zip, for ages 4-10, is America's first zipline adventure designed for kids 4-10 years old. It includes 9 Ziplines and 4 fun climbing elements that are “kid sized.”

The Adventure Center of Asheville, just five minutes from downtown Asheville, will be open on the weekends and Holidays in January and February including Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Presidents Day.

For more information on weight/age restrictions and requirements and to download waivers, please visit our website at

Reservations are suggested and can be made on our website ( or by calling 877.247.5539 and ask for code “WinterLocals” to receive your discount. For groups of ten people or more, discounted rates are also available, please email us at You must present your driver’s license at time of check-in.

Nowhere in Asheville are there so many different outdoor activities in one place that offer personal growth and discovery. Guests are encouraged to expand their personal comfort zones, increase their self confidence, and support others challenged to do the same. We offer opportunities to move from good to great friends, team members, or leaders as guests literally climb to new heights!

Adventurous Asheville Holiday Party Idea

on Wednesday, 10 December 2014. Posted in Adventure Center of Asheville News, Asheville Outdoor Activities

Are You Looking For A Fresh Idea For A Holiday Party This Year?

Groups of 10 people or more are offered discounted rates to any of our activities. The Adventure Center is a great place to spend a few hours of social time outside with your team in the beautiful months of winter.

The Adventure Center is a great place to spend a few hours of social time outside with your team in the beautiful months of winter.  We can plan a fun outing for a day of adventure or a few hours of team building.  Enjoy zipping through the trees with the beautiful skyline of Asheville as your view. Or spend a few hours at our Asheville Treetops Adventure Park, building team camaraderie while conquering vertical obstacles

You can always email for more information.

The Adventure Center of Asheville is the perfect place for a group experience.

Holiday Party Idea

Nowhere in Asheville are there so many different outdoor activities in one place that offer personal growth and discovery. Guests are encouraged to expand their personal comfort zones, increase their self confidence, and support others challenged to do the same. We offer opportunities to move from good to great friends, team members, or leaders as guests literally climb to new heights!

Green Friday Is Coming!

on Tuesday, 18 November 2014. Posted in Asheville Outdoor Activities

Friday, November 28th 2014

ngct fall 2014-400x240Instead of standing in shopping lines on Black Friday, join Wildwater for the 4th Annual Green Friday at our Nantahala, Asheville and Chattooga Zipline Canopy locations.  We will be donating 50% of our income that day to several environmental organizations and causes including the Heritage Oaks Project in Walhalla, SC, Asheville GreenWorks and the Arbor Source Hemlock Treatment and Conservation program.  Green Friday has already generated over $5,650 in donations to plant trees and improve green spaces in our communities.

Ziplines/canopy tours are a great family activity and a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors and develop a stronger appreciation for the scenic wonders of our mountains.  Join us for outdoor fun and support these worthy causes. Participants have to be 10 & 70 lbs. to go on a canopy tour, but kids as young as 4 can enjoy the new Kidzip in Asheville.   Call our Reservations Center at 800-451-9972 to book or book a Canopy tour online at  Please mention Green Friday when you call us so we can pass along our appreciation for your support.

Team Building Abounds at The Adventure Center of Asheville

on Thursday, 11 September 2014. Posted in Asheville Outdoor Activities

The Adventure Center of Asheville offers numerous opportunities for a wide range of team building experiences. From our Treetops Park, designed to provide a fun and competitive experience, to our ground programs, designed to instill confidence, cooperation, communication, and connection between group members, we offer numerous options to meet your group’s needs.

The Asheville Treetops Adventure Park Difference

Traditional high ropes courses have been recognized as a successful tool for adults and youth working on personal development, support for others, and self confidence in stressful situations. These challenges, when accompanied by conversation, evaluation, and reflection, have the power to improve group community and communication. The down side to these facilities is the limited number of participants able to access the challenges at one time and the risks of accidental exposure to falls with unmanaged clipping systems.

We have eliminated these issues by taking access and safety limitations away from the challenge at our Asheville Treetops Adventure Park with our investment in state-of-the-art clipping systems and construction of the largest adventure park challenge course in North Carolina. With over 60 challenge elements on 5 unique trails with varying levels of difficulty, guests are encouraged to expand their personal comfort zones, increase their self confidence, and support others challenged to do the same.

Our programs

Our team building programs are custom planned to reflect your goals, level of challenge and the time you are available. They are led by a trained facilitator and include initiatives such as:

  • learning effective team communication
  • expanding your comfort zone
  • supporting and planning with others in the team
  • positive relationship development
  • enhancing cooperation and trust
  • inspiring positive changes
  • improving problem solving skills

Our programs can include:

  • facilitated programs on the ground
  • access to one or many of the activities at our Center
  • additional competitive challenges that are set up at each activity

Our team building programs have been popular with corporate groups, students, teachers, athletic teams, boards, and associations. Prices vary depending upon activities planned, event schedule, group size, and support required.

Sarah L. Dickson, Group Sales Coordinator

Sarah L. Dickson has joined the Adventure Center of Asheville as Group Sales Coordinator

on Friday, 25 July 2014. Posted in Adventure Center of Asheville News

Thursday, July 24, 2014

ASHEVILLE- Sarah L. Dickson has joined the Adventure Center of Asheville as the group sales coordinator. The Adventure of Center of Asheville, just five minutes from downtown, includes the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park, Zipline Canopy Tours, Kid Zip, Tree Quest and Kolo Bike Park.

Dickson will be booking groups of 10 people or more with advanced reservations which include: school and church groups, corporate groups, clubs and organizations, sports teams, camps, associations, tour groups and birthday parties. The Adventure Center of Asheville is the perfect place for teambuilding, experiential field trips, picnics or retreats, office outings, and just a great way to get outdoors in a challenging atmosphere,” says Dickson.

At the Treetops Adventure Park, ages 4 and up can enjoy a unique group experience comprised of 60 climbing, zipping, walking, jumping, swinging, and rappelling challenges anchored to over 30 trees and towering poles tucked into a wooded park. At Treetops there are five different adventure trails so groups can choose between beginner and expert challenges.

Nowhere in Asheville are there so many different outdoor activities in one place that offer personal growth and discovery. Guests are encouraged to expand their personal comfort zones, increase their self confidence, and support others challenged to do the same. We offer opportunities to move from good to great friends, team members, or leaders as guests literally climb to new heights!

Dickson has been a sales and marketing director and marketing consultant in the Asheville area since 1996. A native of Asheville, she is excited to be offering groups a truly “Asheville” experience. She can be reached at or 828.450.3400.

Sarah L. Dickson

School's Out and Summer's Here at the Adventure Center of Asheville

on Thursday, 03 July 2014. Posted in Vacationing In Asheville, Asheville Outdoor Activities

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

The Adventure Park has seen an amazing amount of growth this year. We have built and opened a "Blue Course" which has similar difficulty to the Green Course, but with two ziplines, by popular demand. Another change we've made is modifying the rules and the elements on the Green Course to accommodate our guests as young as 4 years old! Whether you have a birthday party of kids, or you're looking for a solo challenge, or anything in between, we want to invite you to come hang out with us this summer!


Back in June, we opened "KidZip" which is the first zipline in the country designed just for kids ages 4-10. Each 4-6 year old must be accompanied by an adult, but 7-10 year olds can go on their own, with adult supervision. (If you're 10 or older, the Adventure Center of Asheville also has 'Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures' for you.) KidZip also accommodates birthday parties, just like the Adventure Park.


If you like rock climbing, tree climbing, or both, TreeQuest is the thing for you. We have 5 trees that you can climb all the way up and several other trees for bouldering as well. We have staff on hand that can help guide you up the trees, facilitate, and accommodate your group!

We would love to see your smiling faces this summer at The Adventure Center of Asheville and Asheville Treetops Adventure Park! Come hang out with us!

New Adventures for a New Year

on Wednesday, 05 March 2014. Posted in Vacationing In Asheville, Asheville Outdoor Activities

The Adventure Center of Asheville is introducing 2 new features for 2014!

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park currently offers 50 challenges on 1 beginner, 2 intermediate, and 1 advanced trail. Each trail includes about 10-13 challenges. ATAP will be adding one additional trail and the Safe Roller system for even greater ease and access for younger or more timid adventurers. Access to our 2 beginner trails will include children 4 years and up with a parent escort. There will be 10 new challenge elements on the new trail.

Get ready to go vertical but take away the climbing wall and bring in the trees. The Tree Climbing Adventure will be a tree based vertical climb using rock holds (like on a climbing wall) secured onto trees. Your climbing experience will vary from tree to tree because the climb will reflect the curves and twists of each unique tree. The Tree Climbing Adventure will be great for parties and groups.

KidZip is one of our most exciting and anticipated new adventures. Every day we speak to families and hear from our industry partners they wish their 9 year old or younger could zipline. As a family focused adventure facility we heard you and plan to do something . KidZip will serve that younger age group on a true zipline tour with 10 connected ziplines that are fun and exciting but perfect for the young flyer. The zips will be a mixture of ground based, mini towers, and trees. It will be located adjacent to the adventure park.

For more information follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or contact The Adventure Center of Asheville at 225-2921 or reservations at 800-451-9972.

Group Adventures are the Ultimate Team Building Activity

on Wednesday, 06 November 2013. Posted in Asheville Outdoor Activities

In today's fast-paced, technologically-savvy world, many of us feel connected to our friends, family and co-workers twenty-four hours a day through Facebook, cell phones and computers. However, a deeper sense of connection is often missing. Spending face-to-face time with friends, team members and colleagues cannot be replaced by electronic communication.

Although we may feel intimately connected to each other through electronic media, it is quite easy to present a social facade that lacks any real emotional depth or intimacy. By spending a challenging and fun day together at an adventure park that offers tailored team building activities for your particular group, the group members will be offered the opportunity to increase friendships and connections in a way that is not possible through electronic media.

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park is a wonderful facility that offers unique field trip ideas to groups of students, sporting team members or corporate organizations. The park offers individuals the opportunity to connect to each other in a deeper way than is usually possible in a classroom, on a baseball field or in a board room. The group activities that are offered at Treetops Adventure Park include over fifty unique challenges along four different adventure trails.

The trails range in difficulty from moderate to advanced, so that the individuals and/or group leaders can choose an appropriate level of challenge. Each trail presents ten to fifteen adventure challenges to the participants, which they must successfully complete in order to finish a circuit. Additionally, the park staff can facilitate experiential group activities, both on and off the ground, in order to more fully integrate the team building effects of a group adventure.

Students will love this creative and unique field trip idea. Although there are many field trip ideas in Asheville, many students will thoroughly enjoy stepping out of the artificial environment of the classroom and spending a day out in the sunshine among the treetops. During a field trip to Asheville Treetops Adventure Park, students will be afforded the opportunity to access skills, courage and perseverance that they may have been unaware that they even had. Additionally, the students will be brought closer together as they work as a team to successfully complete the circuits.

Adult participants will also benefit from traversing the courses together in a group activity format. In a corporate environment or on a sports team, there is often an emphasis placed on competition instead of cooperation. During a treetop challenge, colleagues will gain a deeper appreciation of each individual's unique skills and talents as they zip, jump and swing to a successful circuit completion. By pulling together as team members, adult participants will more readily recognize the value of interdependence.

In short, if you're looking for an opportunity to build a team atmosphere in your school or classroom, office or corporation, church group or youth group, Asheville Treetops Adventure is an outstanding choice to experience a unique group adventure in Asheville. 

Top 6 Fall Vacation Ideas in Asheville

on Thursday, 05 September 2013. Posted in Vacationing In Asheville

Fall for Asheville, North Carolina on Your Fall Vacation

Asheville, North Carolina is a wondrous place to visit any time of year, but a fall vacation here is truly a delight. Autumn Is a favorite season for many who come to this Appalachian resort destination, a time of year when a kaleidoscope of color serves as a picturesque backdrop to the historic beauty of this town. The diverse architectural styles of the city – a heritage collection of preserved buildings ranging from Beaux Arts to neoclassical, and crowned by a fabulous Art Deco City Hall - make this one of the fastest growing vacation and wedding destinations in America.

There is plenty to do and a lot to see while in the area. In the heart of the Blue Ridge, this mountain city boasts over 30 art galleries, a culinary explosion of tastes to suit any foodie, and a wide variety of outdoor activities. Hiking, white water rafting, and zipline adventures abound. Accommodations are plentiful in this city of 500,000 residents, too. If one of the many branded hotel chains located here is not to your liking, choose one of the idyllic mountain view resorts, or take a fall vacation with the family at a comfortable, affordable rustic cabin. Bed and breakfast inns abound in the area, and several beautiful campgrounds and RV parks beckon those who love a vacation experience closer to nature.


One of the top attractions in the area is the Treetops Adventure Park. Here among the towering trees of a woodland park, adventurous visitors are treated to a huge menu of challenges. Choices are available for anyone who likes to climb, hike, jump, swing, rappel, or zipline. There are four adventure trails, each with varying levels of difficulty and between 10 and 15 challenges along the way. If you are ready for the zipline go to the park website at to get all the information.


The Biltmore Estate is a must see destination for any traveler who appreciates architecture, American history, or the sheer beauty of a spectacularly landscaped mansion set in the midst of 8000 acres of Appalachian splendor. This estate was built between 1889 and 1895 by George Vanderbilt and is still owned by family descendants. At nearly 180,000 square feet, this is the largest privately owned home in America. Go to to find out more about this magnificent estate.


The ultimate in luxury is available to those who visit the OMNI Grove Park Inn Spa. This opulent resort features subterranean rock walls and a main pool area with two waterfall pools amidst a labyrinth of tunnels and arches. In addition, there are ten therapeutic mineral baths, and after a soak guests may choose from three après spa fireside lounges to relax in overstuffed chairs with warm blankets, and enjoy light snacks and herbal teas. See the Grove Park website:


The Western North Carolina Nature Center is an ideal fall vacation attraction for the whole family. This center gives the visitor a close-up look at the animals, birds, and plant life native to the Southern Appalachia region. Since 1976 this 40 acre nature preserve has been a major attraction in the Asheville area and it continues to grow and offer greater diversity of species each year. Check out the website for the Center at


Perhaps a zipline or a rugged hike is not your cup of tea. Take a tour on the Purple Bus. The LaZoom Comedy Tour gives riders a tour around the city and some great comedy entertainment along the way. This open air conveyance gives guests a great view, but some just ride the bus to enjoy the party. The bus has a designated driver so you can bring your own beer or wine. Find out how to book this tour at


The natural hot springs in the area initially led to settlement of this mountain town. By the end of the nineteenth century, Asheville had many health spas and resorts for wealthy clients and the city began to flourish. Today it is a booming city that retains its cultural legacy. Experiencing the exquisitely preserved architecture, and the visual splendor of autumn in the Blue Ridge are rich treasures visitors to this fall vacation wonderland can take home with them.

Things to do in Asheville, NC with Kids

on Monday, 19 August 2013. Posted in Vacationing In Asheville, Asheville Outdoor Activities

August 18, 2013

Asheville, NC With Kids

by Lesli Peterson - Written for and published on

Asheville with kids biltmore

Conde Nast readers recently named Asheville, NC the no. 4 friendliest city in the US.  While my family of six visited last week, we felt that southern hospitality! We also fell in love with the farm-to-table dining experiences, the eclectic mix of business and arts, and the breathtaking hikes and waterfalls.  Here is your guide to family fun in one of the “Most Beautiful Places in America.”

Play Here

Asheville TreeTops Adventure Park

Swing through the trees at this ropes course and zip lining adventure Mecca.  There are options for kids 7 years and up.  Plan to spend about 2 hours doing the ropes course. [Read more here…]

DuPont State Forest/ Pisgah National Forest

A short drive south of Asheville brings you two Forests of fun.  DuPont offers multiple waterfalls, including woodlands featured in the movie Hunger Games.  About 20 minutes on the other side of Brevard is Pisgah National Forest. You could fill a week with hiking and sightseeing, but if you only have short time then don’t miss Sliding Rock. [Read more here…]


Take a “hands on” tour of George Vanderbilt’s home and gardens. This American mansion is fun for families, and especially friendly to homeschool families.  Tour the home and gardens, take an outdoor adventure on the property, enjoy the animals at the farm, and so much more. Stay tuned for more about their new Homeschool Workbook, as well. [Read more here…]

Chimney Rock State Park

Enjoy a climb 500 stairs to the top of this iconic North Carolina attraction, and take in a gorgeous 75-mile panoramic view.  See the falls made famous in Last of the Mohicans. Walk the miles of trails, and behold the work of Mother Nature at the North Carolina State Park. [Read more here…]


Eat Here

Tupelo Honey Café

Tupelo Honey Café has won several accolades, including “Best of Asheville” from Southern Living Magazine (2011.) Our family gave it two thumbs up for three reasons: Delicious locally grown food, a family-friendly ambiance, and an owner with a heart for his community. [Read more here…]

Also worth a visit:

City Bakery Café – Awesome cappuccinos, and the stuffed French toast will fill you up for a day of exploring.

Mayfel’s – Get a table outside in the back courtyard – it’s fun and makes your meal family-friendly. Don’t leave without buying a jar of Mayfel’s sweet and spicy pickles, and I recommend the fried oyster salad with remoulade dressing.


Sleep Here

DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton

This Hilton hotel is perfect for families. There is a fridge in the suite, an indoor pool for year-round play, and a breakfast and snack bar ensure you get out the door on time each morning. It is only minutes from Biltmore and Downtown Asheville, and provides easy access to the interstate for day trips to the surrounding area waterfalls. [Read more here…]

Another consideration:

Brookstone Lodge - Another family-friendly location, and we love that it is locally owned and operated.


Disclosure: Thank you to the city of Asheville for assisting us on our family adventure. Thank you, also, to Asheville Treetops Park, Biltmore, Tupelo Honey Café and DoubleTree Hotel for their complementary contributions to our Asheville adventure.   While we appreciate their kindness, it never deters us from reporting our honest opinion.

Ziplines or Adventure Park

on Tuesday, 13 August 2013. Posted in Adventure Parks

Asheville NC is all about the great outdoors. What better way to experience it than a visit to the Adventure Center of Asheville NC? There are many fabulous activities at both the Treetops Adventure and Zipline Canopy sections of the park. However, every activity may not be suitable for every visitor. Let’s break down each area and see the advantages of each.

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

This section is all about hiking and climbing. It offers different levels of challenges for ages seven and up. Technologically state-of-the-art, the park trails wind through the beautiful trees and the lofty poles strategically placed around the area. Guests are required to stay attached to the safety harness throughout their adventure.

Broken down into color-coded trails, this NC park is perfect for outdoor lovers to test their strength and agility. With various elements involved in each trail, Treetops is definitely for the physically fit. Each trail has approximately 15 features. Challenges increase with each color trail. The differences include:

Green-Children between the ages of seven and 14 must be accompanied by an adult on their first trip, and are monitored thereafter. This trail averages a height of 13.5 feet above ground. Crossings are fairly stable and lack a great deal of movement. This is perfect for novices.

Yellow-Sub-divided into two sections, these intermediate trails are situated much higher in the trees. They are made up of many more physical elements. There is more climbing involved at this level. Platforms that move provide additional challenges. At the yellow level, children must either be escorted or monitored depending on their age. This level has some zipline features, as well as sport aspects like hang gliding and kayaking.

Red-Only those age 13 and up can attempt this trail which is an extremely physically challenging adventure. Guests soar almost 60 feet above the ground on ziplines. Trees and platforms sway as participants make their way through the trail. Participants are even challenged with a snowboard zipline, hula hoops and bottomless bridge. Finally, the only way back to the ground is by repelling down from the trees.

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures

Zip line adventures, while absolutely exhilarating, are nowhere near as physically challenging. Opportunities to zip line are numerous in NC. What makes ours unique is the location. Participants may enjoy the thrill of zipping through the forest-like environment, and enjoying magnificent views of the Asheville NC skyline. Even mountain views are yours during this exhilarating adventure.

All guests must first attend the park’s ground school. Once completed, guests begin their zip line adventure. Gradually attempting zip lines at higher altitudes and longer lengths, guests can go through the any of the ten zip line routes available. Ranging from several hundred to over 1100 feet in length, Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures are great fun for ages 10 and up.

Visitors should be aware that there are weight limitations for center guests. Whether living in the NC area or just visiting, the Adventure Center of Asheville NC is the place for incredible challenges and heart-stopping fun. Don't miss it!

Host your next Birthday Party at Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

on Monday, 22 July 2013. Posted in Asheville Outdoor Activities

Asheville Birthday Party Ideas

Hosting a birthday party for children can be extremely difficult especially when they are in their tween years. From planning an entertaining event that everyone will enjoy to struggling to prepare all aspects of the party if hosting it at your own home, there are many different things that go into planning a birthday party for your tween-age children. Not only can it take a good deal of time to plan your party at home, but it can also be a huge pain to prepare everything including food and games, and then having to clean it all up at the end of the day. Rather than dealing with all of this un-needed stress, simply opt to take advantage of these Asheville birthday party ideas that are sure to appeal to tween groups over the age of 7.

A Variety of Adventures Available in Asheville and Throughout WNC

on Monday, 17 June 2013. Posted in Asheville Outdoor Activities

A Variety of Adventures You Can't Find at Navitat or The Gorge Ziplines

Wildwater has 5 unique zipline canopy tours around Asheville. Some are farther away and offer more of a wilderness experience similar to what you might have seen at Navitat or The Gorge Ziplines but Wildwater features the only ziplines that cross a whitewater rafting river, fly into a 60 foot tall rock cliff hanging deck, or soar 300 feet above Western NC's largest and most scenic Lake Fontana.

In addition, Asheville Ziplines and Treetops Adventure Park at the Adventure Center of Asheville is located on a 240 acre resort just 1/2 mile outside of Asheville. Navitat and The Gorge Canopy Tours are a 30-45 minute drive each way from Asheville taking away an hour or more of outdoor vacation fun.

What Makes Wildwater Ziplines and Asheville Treetops Adventure Park Unique from Navitat and The Gorge?

Other canopy tours such as Navitat do not have over 40 years outdoor family adventure experience and the choices of over 40 adventures  including  ziplines, family rafting, adventure rafting, treetop adventure park trails with over 50 unique challenges, miles of single track mountain bike trails, a free-ride bike park, Jeep tours, stand-Up paddle boarding, kayaking, whitewater adventure Duckies, overnight adventure activities and lodging, plus much more.

With locations ranging from our urban setting just outside of Downtown Asheville, to deep in the natural setting of the Nantahala Gorge, Wildwater offers a variety of Adventures throughout WNC that no body can compete with.

Like us on Facebook today to stay in the loop and check out special deals.

Asheville ZipLine Canopy Adventure & Treetops Adventure Park is Your Best Bet for Asheville Adventure

on Thursday, 06 June 2013. Posted in Vacationing In Asheville

Do you like to be out in nature? Do you want to introduce your family to the splendor of the outdoors with a little excitement thrown in? A zipline adventure in Asheville may be your best bet. You get the opportunity to have a fun time with your family while taking in the magnificent natural beauty in this part of North Carolina. Picture yourself whistling through the air, high above the treetops enjoying views of the forested wonderland below or embarking on a treetop adventure that includes climbing and rappelling.

What You Will See on Your Asheville Zipline Adventure?

Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventure is conveniently located within city limits; this zipline tour will afford you views of oak trees that are more than a century old in addition to vistas of the city’s downtown area. The tour also comes with learning opportunities in that you and your family will get to discover species native to the area. These range from Fraser magnolias to North Carolina's endangered hemlock trees. If any member of your party does not have a serious interest in the environment, an Asheville zipline adventure trip just may spark a fascination with the wild and beautiful things of nature.

What to Expect on Your Zipline Adventure

The mixture of urban spectacle and verdant landscape are a unique element of this Asheville adventure, one that separates it from other zipline tours in the area. Your adventure will start with you being securely placed into a harness seat that wraps around your thighs. Note that flyers will be asked to leave their mobile phones behind and anyone with long hair will be asked to secure it. Other requirements for those who wish to take the Asheville zipline tour are that:

• They should be in decent physical shape, not weighing less than 70lbs or more than 250lbs.
• They should be comfortable with heights.
• Children should be at least 10 years old.
• They must wear shoes with closed toes.

While on your zipline adventure, you should expect to reach heights of up to 70 feet and zip through the air at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour. Worried? There is no need to be, experienced adventure park staff know how to help newcomers become well versed in the skill of ziplining.

What You Will Do on Your Asheville Treetops Adventure

The Treetops Adventure Park is also within Asheville city limits (a short distance from downtown) and will provide your family with 50 challenges that each family-member can take at their own pace. The trails at Asheville Treetops Adventure Park offer varying degrees of difficulty so you can choose to start on an easy trail that is not as high above the ground. The beginner’s trail is perfect for younger children as well. The more advanced trails at the park provide a number of other exciting elements for you and your family to enjoy. While the beginner’s trail requires no climbing after the start platform, both the intermediate and advanced ones do. The intermediate trails include a hang glider, kayaking and a cargo net among their various elements. Those attempting the trail and who are between the ages of seven and 12 will need an adult escort or to be monitored. Only those over the age of 13 are allowed to attempt the advanced trails. The advanced trails feature a snowboarding zipline along with dancing hula hoops. Guests will be required to take instruction on the use of the equipment on the course as well as show that they know how to perform certain tasks before being permitted to climb.

Some of the Requirements for Treetop Adventure Park Guests are:
• They should weigh less than 250lbs.
• They should be at least seven years old.
• They should be attached to the safety system the entire time while on the course.

On Vacation in Asheville?

It is not easy to find vacation destinations that appeal to teenagers and to young children. It is even harder to find ones that are interesting to adults as well as to the younger ones. An Asheville adventure can solve both of those problems. It provides a varied playground that is challenging and exciting for grownups and for youngsters.

Family Fun in Asheville, NC

on Monday, 06 May 2013. Posted in Vacationing In Asheville

The Beauty of Western North Carolina

Asheville, NC is an amazing city, especially to raise a family in. It is a beautiful town that is surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. People who live here get to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the city. The city itself offers a lot of activities to enjoy. There are loads of great restaurants that appeal to every kind of palette. There are countless cultural opportunities for families to enjoy, including some amazing art and music venues.

Finding Us

The Adventure Center of Asheville is located adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Resort at 85 Expo Drive in Asheville.

Take Exit 3A off of I-240 | Off Patton Ave behind Regent Park

Be sure to use Regent Park Blvd, not Hansel Ave when approaching the Adventure Center of Asheville


Contact Us

+1 (877) 247-5539

The Adventure Center of Asheville
85 Expo Drive
Asheville, NC 28806