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Location & Hours

General Office Hours: 8:30am - 7:30pm


Winter Hours
Open Friday - Sunday with varying activity times from 9:00am to 5:00pm

Kolo Hours
Winter Hours - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Dan this includes Kolo and ACA both)
Summer Hours - Memorial Day through Labor Day 9:00 am to 5:00 pm  
Fall Hours - May fluctuate

Final start times vary depending upon activity. Please check availability and start times by clicking on the book now button for activity schedules. Bike trail start times end 1 hour prior to closing. Riding must be completed by posted closing times.

Groups (10+ people) should contact Sarah Dickson at 828-450-3400.

85 Expo Drive | Asheville, NC 28806
Just 5 minutes from downtown


Asheville Tree Tops Adventure Park

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park is a new Asheville Attraction comprised of 60 unique climbing, flying, walking, jumping, swinging, and rappelling challenges anchored to over 30 towering trees and poles tucked into a wooded park just minutes from downtown Asheville. Asheville Treetops Adventure Park has five different adventure trails that allow Park Guests the choice to challenge only the obstacles they feel comfortable with. While you explore the park you will move at your own pace and tackle challenges as an individual, instead of in a group.  Think of it as ski slopes in the trees and a true "Jungle Gym" for all ages, strengths, and adventure levels.

In Asheville, outdoor activities of all kinds are a major attraction. We are proud to have created an outdoor adventure that is as unique as the city it lives in. Our challenges include a flying kayak and snowboard, swingin hula hoops, and many more unique elements that make this a "Truly Asheville Adventure".

This is made possible by new technology called "smart belays" that, when used properly, are designed to assure Park Guests are attached to safety systems at all times and can not detach from the system until they have completed the aerial trail and are back on the ground. Guests can explore freely knowing the safety system monitors their attachments and is designed to not allow accidental unclipping from the safety points. It is an active adventure that incorporates physical fitness and personal accomplishment.

  • Purple Level Treetop Adventure TrailThis trail includes 12 elements ranging in height from ground level to 8 feet off the ground. Elements include beam walks, cargo net, a tunnel, plank bridges, cable bridges, and a zip line finish. The purple trail is designed for 4-6 year olds wanting to "warm up" to the idea of climbing on our unique bridges and structures before challenging the Blue and Green trails. It is considered a "junior trail" and only utilizes the SafeRoller system our 4-6 year old Guests use throughout their experience. Adults/parents can walk alongside the trail to encourage, support, and assist their young adventure explorers. Typical use will be combined with use of the Blue and Green trails during a standard adventure park experience. It is included in the regular entry fee of $47/person.

    One hour access Birthday parties are also available on the Purple Trail for 4-8 year olds as long as part of the group is 4-6 years old. A party of 10 is $190 and can be arranged through Sarah Dickson by emailing

    Element Name  Description
    Bouncing bridge A flexing bridge about 12 feet long
    Peace, Love and Happiness Cargo A painted beam that runs parallel to a cargo net
    Tic-Tac Log An expertly halved log with tic marks for grip
    Stump jumper A side to side series of steps, similar to the famous ninja warrior start
    Tunnel Its a tunnel
    Tarzan Trolly A bridge that crosses between two trees with a hand line on a trolly
    Vine Walk Bridge that uses hanging rope for holding
    Double Trouble Beams A series of beams that force you to walk in a crooked line
    Steps A series of wood steps where elevation is gained leading to the Zipline finale
    Rock Hop Expertly painted wooden rock features continuing to gain elevation leading zip finish
    Zipline The grand finale zip. 50 ft in length.
  • Green Level Treetop Adventure TrailEasier challenges 12 to 15 feet above the forest floor for first timers, younger children, and more timid adventurers. No climbing once on the start platform, milder and more stable crossings attached to the lower trunks of the trees with minimal movement and an easy finish back to the ground.
    AGE RESTRICTIONS: Ages 4-6  with adult escort, ages 7-9 with a 2 to 1 adult escort, ages 10-12 with a 5 to 1 adult monitor, ages 13 and up independent.

    Element Name Description
    Whoopsie Daisy a lengthy, swinging bridge to get the blood pumping
    Broken Bridge a swinging bridge with missing planks, don't be scared
    Double Pole balance is the key to crossing this element
    Watch Your Step Go slow, these steps move
    Zig Zag remember to zig and zag in the right places
    Limbo a gentle squat will be important
    Rocky Road a subtle jump will get you across the "rocky road"
    Railroad trestle crossing with care
    Cat Walk The purrrrrrfect way to get to the slide
    Slide into Home hold it's quicker than you think, shockingly fast
  • trails-blue Somewhere between the quiet simplicity of the Green Course and the "What have I gotten myself into" feeling of the higher courses is the Blue Course. There is minimal climbing once your on the platform and this series of challenges will be fun for all ages.
    AGE RESTRICTIONS: Ages 4-6  with adult escort, ages 7-9 with a 2 to 1 adult escort, ages 10-12 with a 5 to 1 adult monitor, ages 13 and up independent.

    Element Name Description
    The Log Hopper A short sweet balance log to get onto the blue course
    Betty White Bridge Short, Sweet, only 25 feet.
    Lily Pads Try to hop from one pad to the next. Be careful, they wobble.
    Swiss Fish Go fishing on this grapevine style element, but try not to take a plunge.
    Double Balance Beam Just like on the playground, but you have two to choose from.
    Rainbow Bridge This brightly colored catwalk will wake you up for the next half
    Tunnel Road See if you can hold your breath while cruising through this tunnel
    Conveyor Belt Bridge The trick here is to go slow and steady from beginning to end.
    Standing Zip Not a traditional zipline, stand up, but don’t sit down
    Exit Zip Cruise back to the ground, and onto the winner’s platform
  • Yellow Level Treetop Adventure TrailStep it up (literally) a few notches with a chance to gain some elevation to about 25 feet as you "hike" your way through some increasingly challenging bridges and cable walks. Reap the rewards of your efforts with a flight on our hanglider adventure zipline before challenging the toughest element, the giant cargo web crossing. Finish with a sense of accomplishment as you descend through the taco net back to the ground....beefed up and smiling from a great challenge! Did anyone say cheese?

    AGE RESTRICTIONS: Ages 7-9 with 2 to 1 adult escort, ages 10-12 with 5 to 1 adult monitor, ages 13 and up independent.

    Element Name  Description
    Log Ladder climb up to the next challenge
    Vortex Bridge high stepping will serve you well
    Stump Jump don't try to go to fast
    Parkway Tunnel crawl like caver through the tube
    Charlie Chaplin nothing funny about this bridge, take your time
    Grandpa's Attic see how many treasures you'll find
    Zip Glider learn to fly and zip
    Charlotte's Web test your strength and stamina
    Flying Walenska Walk stay balanced to get to the last yellow course element
    Taco Net only pico de gallo will make this element spicier
  • trails-orangeWith increased heights up to 30 feet above the forest floor providing several climbing challenges and increased exposure to moving elements. The Orange trail includes most of our Asheville sports and fun elements such as treetop sliding board, hang glider, and zipline crossing, The exit includes a rappel!
    AGE RESTRICTIONS: Ages 10-12 with 2 to 1 adult escort, ages 13-14 with 5 to 1 adult monitor, ages 15 and up independent.

    Element Name  Description
    Cargo Tube Don't let the cargo tube swallow you, there are more elements
    SkyYak sit, stand or kneel, you probably won't get wet
    Burma Bridge not as hard as it looks, unless you want it to be
    Orange balance pole this bridge will get you to the zip and slide
    Zip and Slide it's two elements in one! (just try to let go!)
    Fun House Bridge careful! You'll be going up and down on this one!, slippery when wet.
    Teeter Toter a little easier than the fun house but don't get to confident
    Multi-Vine Harder than you think. Just use the ropes and you'll find out!
    Swiss Cheese A "holey" experience you won't soon forget
    Roller Coaster up and down you go on this element
    Giddy-up zip howdy partner! Time to giddy-up on this zip
    Timber! time to fall back and rappel, have fun
  • Red Level Treetop Adventure TrailPrepare for adventure, personal challenge, and lots of exposure with trees swaying and structures moving as you traverse the highest and most physically and mentally challenging activities in the park. At heights up to 45 feet above the forest floor you will climb numerous times as you gain elevation and reach the pinnacle of the park to face the Tarzan traverse, tree top climbing wall, firemen’s pole, dancing hula hoops, and bottomless Burma Bridge. One of our most challenging crossings, and the “Tarzan Swing” back to the ground, complete the 15 element Red Trail with a rappel back to the Sweet…Solid…Stable ground.
    AGE RESTRICTIONS: Ages 13-14 with 1 to 1 adult escort, ages 15 and up independent.

    Element Name  Description
    Stair rope to heaven this element will get you to the infamous red course
    Island Hopper these platforms get smaller and smaller
    Devil's Steps climb if you dare
    Hoola Hoops arguably the hardest element. These hoops won't spin but they will make you dizzy
    Climbing Wall this swinging climbing wall is no joke
    Snow Board no fresh powder, but get ready to shred
    Batman Pole Gotham city needs you, crime fighters
    Bottomless Burma Bridge Use this as a respite for the rest of the course
    Twisted Trees slow and steady
    Pirates Crossing AAARRRGGGG, walk the plank Matey
    Bumpber Boats Don't let this one fool you, these buoy's will knock you back
    Birdie Time This disk golf bridge keeps you up in the air
    Tarzan Swing You've made it, congratulations

Finding Us

The Adventure Center of Asheville is located adjacent to the Crowne Plaza Resort at 85 Expo Drive in Asheville.

Take Exit 3A off of I-240 | Off Patton Ave behind Regent Park

Be sure to use Regent Park Blvd, not Hansel Ave when approaching the Adventure Center of Asheville


Contact Us

+1 (877) 247-5539

The Adventure Center of Asheville
85 Expo Drive
Asheville, NC 28806