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POSTED: November 24, 2020

A Letter of Thanks from Jeff Greiner, Adventure Center Owner

So much has been and can be said about 2020. It will go down in history in so many ways. Our community, state, country, and world lost so many mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and children. We have no way to replace them and my heart is heavy with our families, friends, Guests, and team members that were directly impacted. We have also watched favorite local stores, restaurants, and family businesses close and not be able to reopen.  We are very lucky and thankful to have been open during most of 2020.

During the pandemic, I have seen our Adventure Center Team acknowledge the increased amount of risk and rise to unimaginable challenges each and every day.  Our team has intensified their level of commitment to safety procedures, customer service, and have ventured into even deeper levels of care and management of other team members and Guests. They have been working tirelessly to create ingenious ways to continue to offer our outdoor adventures to our Guests with extra safety, cleanliness, and social distancing operating procedures.

I have seen Guests support us in so many ways that show us how much they love and care about our team and the services we offer to both locals and travelers to our great community.

When asked what I am grateful for, I am thankful, honored, and humbled to do what I do with the people I work with and for the Guests we serve.  Through that work I watch parents gleam with pride over children challenging themselves and reaching new heights. I watch couples bond and build their relationships. I see families celebrate with reunions and birthday parties. And I watch and support our young work force Team members learning how to shape their future careers.

In the midst of it all, the people around us are truly what matters and I am very thankful to be a part of that.  

OPEN: WED-SUN 10am-5pm

Fun adventures for the full family, Ages 4+