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Team Building Low Ropes Facilitated Programs

Sarah L. Dickson,
Group Sales Coordinator

Adventures in Team Building

Low Ropes ● Team Bonding Initiatives ● Group Games

The Adventure Center of Asheville offers numerous opportunities for a wide range of team-building experiences. Our highly skilled facilitators design fun and competitive goal-oriented programs for groups of all ages.

For groups of youth, students, and scouts we can offer high-energy  Cooperative Group Games full of team challenges that focus on working together.  While completing their goal, they are engaged in high-excitement activities requiring them to think outside the box.  Packed with fun, your group will be challenged while laughing, joking, and having a ball! Then add on the Treetops Park for a day full of adventure.  ($7/hour/student)

For student groups who want more facilitation and adult groups who are looking for light facilitation,  Team Bonding Programs are a great option. 

The Team Bonding Initiative Program is a shared experience for groups that want a fun 1-2 hour activity on the ground that focuses on getting to know each other while having fun, growing closer, and connecting.  For our program that means a little more emphasis on fun and a little less time explaining and debriefing by our instructors.  Think of team bonding as cooperative challenges to strengthen the relationship between team members on a personal level. This program starts with “ice breakers” and “energizers,”  followed by light-hearted group games and low ropes challenge initiatives (if time allows).  Activities can be challenging but we let the experience speak for itself instead of talking about it and making plans for how to improve the group’s functioning. This is a perfect addition to a climb at our Treetops Adventure Park. ($15/hour/student or $35/hour/adult)

For adult groups who want a more extensive program our Facilitated Team Building Program is more than just “team bonding” it is based on intentionally developing skills. Based on your specific goals (see below), we create a low ropes facilitated program for your group with experienced instructors that focus on active interactions for guests to step outside their typical comfort zones. We highlight the potential strengths of team task completion and the challenges of processes such as communication, group decision-making, enhancing cooperation and trust, improving problem-solving skills as a team, and task sharing/delegation. Our program is regularly described as fun, engaging, challenging, sometimes frustrating, thought-provoking, and personally enlightening. It will start with ice-breaker games, then move to focused initiatives based on your goals.  To finish, our facilitators will end the program with debriefs for the group to process the work that was completed to take what they learned back to their everyday life and work environment. Typically these programs are a little more challenging, perhaps with a little conflict, but with expected growth and/or improvement process.  The group will walk away knowing more about themselves and each other and hopefully shed light on some ideas the team can develop and implement long-term. ($150 for 2 hours per person)

All programs are on the ground and OUTSIDE of which we plan to go Rain or Shine! 

Our “challenge by choice” programs are custom-created and based on group goals, time availability, size of the group, and athletic ability. Options include:

  • Cooperative Group Games for Youth 
    • 1-2 hours
    • Minimum 10 people
    • $7/hour/student
  • Team Bonding Initiatives for Youth & Adults 
    • Focused on getting to know each other better as a team 
    • 1-2 hours
    • Minimum 8 people
    • $15/hour/student
    • $35/hour/adult
  • Facilitated Team Building Programs for Adults
    • Focused on intentionally developing skills for your team-driven goals (see below)
    • 2-3 hours
    • Minimum 8 people
    • 2 hours for $125/person
    • Each additional hour is $50/per person
  • If you would like to add an Adventure Center activity to your team-building experience, we can offer group rates and added competitive challenges to all of our activities including Tree Quest tree climbing and Treetops Adventure Park.

Our programs are very popular with professional adult groups, students, teachers, athletic teams, emergency management teams, boards, and associations. Actual activities vary depending upon event schedule, group size and support required.

For more information, please contact our groups coordinator: Sarah Dickson

Program Goals include:

  • learning effective team communication
  • expanding your comfort zone
  • supporting and planning with others in the team
  • positive relationship development
  • enhancing cooperation and trust
  • inspiring positive changes
  • improving problem solving skills

Team Building Visitor Reviews:

“Thanks again for an outstanding experience! We enjoyed the entire event. You guys really showed us excellent customer service and the team building was awesome.”
– Lockhart Power

“This picture was taken during the last lesson…notice the serious looks. It was a moment of reflection as we individually went around and shared the greatest lesson we learned from the team building session. Each perspective was unique and will serve as building block for better communication, problem solving, understanding, and leadership. By the end of the day we all felt that we grew closer as a team. #WeArePW”

 – Cataldo P. | Pratt & Whitney

Our elements/initiatives are minimally physical, moderately mental, and fully engaging:

  • Nitro Zip- get your team from one side of a “river” to the other
  • Whale Watch- balance the challenges you face every day
  • Treetops Shuffle (Quad Jam)-organize your group without verbally communicating
  • Bowling Bull & Bull Ring- move a ball on a stationary stand (only with ropes)
  • Escape Box- can you break into the box with only a few clues?
  • Pipeline- by controlling your piece of pipeline, you affect the groups’ success
  • Poison Peanut Butter- can you create a plan with clear roles?
  • Wood Blocks- who can work together to lift the most?
  • Magic Carpet- support each other mentally, emotionally, physically
  • Mine Field- can you use direct communication with distractions around you?
  • Traffic Jam- traffic jams need lots of problem solving

The Adventure Center Difference

At the Adventure Center we focus on the optimal guest experience in every activity we offer.

  • college graduate facilitators with outdoor education degrees
  • challenging initiatives in an outdoor setting
  • variety of group activities and team challenges offered in one place
  • state-of-the-art clipping systems at our Treetops Park
  • group start at all of our activities instead of waiting for one person to do an element
  • full body harness and helmets at our adventure activities
  • detailed ground school at each aerial adventure activity

Meet our Team Building Leadership Posse

Chad Clark

For over twenty years, Chad has facilitated professional development, recreational and therapeutic team building programs using an adventure-based approach. His programs are a blend of challenge and fun. Chad is a coach at heart. Coaching crew at the high school and collegiate level, he loves teaching with methods used in experiential education. With a degree in psychology, and a love for adventure, Chad has worked for Southeast Adventure Outfitters as a guide, worked for companies who build ropes courses and other adventure structures, owned his own team building company at St Simons Island, GA and now is the General Manager of the Adventure Center of Asheville.

Callie Murphy

Callie, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Education and a Master’s in Environmental Education, has worked in outdoor education for over 10 years. After being a Naturalist in Georgia for 5 years, she moved to North Carolina to teach at Mountain Trail Outdoor School and lead high adventure activities at Kanuga Conference Center in Hendersonville. She studied Tree Climbing for her thesis and loves getting the general public into the outdoors through adventures. Starting as an ACA aerial ranger, Callie is now the ACA Assistant General Manager and an integral part of the teambuilding team. She brings the fun to the challenge of solving problems and working in team environments.


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