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Boy & Girl Scout

Sarah L. Dickson,
Group Sales Coordinator

The Best in Scout Adventures

The Adventure Center is the best outdoor experiential adventure for activities that cultivate leadership skills, team building, and character development!

We create exciting and competitive experiences designed to instill confidence, cooperation, communication, and connection between group members by offering:

High Adventure Activities

  • Asheville Treetops Adventure Park– largest WNC aerial challenge course in the trees with 77 unique climbing, rolling, and swinging elements in a wooded park with smart clips. It is Challenge by Choice! Seven aerial trails range from Beginner to Intermediate.  Watch your group step out of their comfort zone to complete a challenge while encouraging each other to create a team bonding atmosphere.
  • Kolo Bike Park– Mountain bike sampler-pack designed for all rider levels.
  • Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventures– urban canopy tour with two zipline options: The Asheville Zipline or Skyline Zip.  A great course for groups with an extensive ground school.
  • Tree Quest– Recreational tree climbing on a large oak tree. Guests use specialized gear and techniques to climb on one of our stately oak trees using a rope without negatively affecting the tree. Climbers “inch worm” their way up one of our eight climbs that range in height. TreeQuest allows guests to enjoy an adventure activity in a controlled situation so that they can focus on the thrill of the activity and experience the environment they are in.
  • Whitewater Rafting at 2 locations close to Asheville – float trips to Class III & IV

Team Bonding Group Cooperative Games

  • Group Cooperative Games are custom-created fun and competitive experiences designed to instill confidence, cooperation, communication, and connection between group members. We offer a program full of team challenges that focus on working together.  While completing their goal, they are engaged in high-excitement activities that require them to think outside of the box.  Packed with fun, your group will be challenged while laughing, joking, and having a ball! 

Experiential Learning Programs: STEM/Wilderness Skills

Our adventure activities pair perfectly with our outdoor environmental education programs! We have designed specific outdoor hands-on programs but they can be tailored to cover your troop’s goals and standards. Our program staff has decades of education and experience in experiential education with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in the field. So we are excited to create an immersive learning experience for your troops that encourages curiosity, teamwork, and fun!

Program options include: 

Zipline-palooza!       Do you think you can guess whether a heavier or lighter object will move faster on a zipline? Can you guess the angle of the zipline for an object to have a safe landing? Experiment with gravity, weight, friction, and how these and other forces affect the motion of zipliners by building a small-scale model. Working in small groups, scouts will create their own design and then compete with other groups to see who can create the fastest zipline while keeping safety in mind. Longer programs include a study on simple machines and how they are used in our Treetops Adventure Park. Add this to our Treetops Park or Ziplines so that scouts can experiment with and experience physics in action!   

  • Cost $10/scout/hour
  • Time:  1-2 hours
  • Grades: 5th and up
  • Number of scouts: 10-30

Fire Building Skills     Have you lost your electricity at home and needed to light a candle or a fire?  Have you been camping in the woods and lost your matches? The simple skill of starting a fire and following safety procedures to keep it lit and safe can be an important life skill.  Learn how to build & start a fire using primitive materials with fire safety procedures, then practice in small groups to build a small fire. Longer programs include learning about “Leave No Trace” principles, where scouts will learn and practice essential outdoor ethics.

  • Cost $10/scout/hour
  • Time:  1-2 hours
  • Grades: 4th and up
  • Number of scouts: 10-20

Outdoor Survival Skills    What if a fun day hiking leads to getting lost in the wilderness?  What if your car breaks down on a family road trip in the woods?   What life skills are essential to have in a survival situation?  Students will work in groups to sort through items they would prioritize for a camping trip, then practice building shelters using minimal materials. Longer programs include foraging for materials and wild edibles, and learning how to create knot-tying tarp shelters.

  • Cost $10/scout/hour
  • Time:  1-2 hours
  • Grades: 3rd and up, 7th and up for knot tying
  • Number of scouts: 10-20

Forest Ecology     Take an inside look at plants, and how they interact with other living and nonliving things in their environment. This ecology-based class offers hands-on learning for scouts to get to know trees up close and personal through tree identification, decomposition exploration, and hiking on our 100 acres of property.

  • Cost $10/scout/hour
  • Time:  1-2 hours
  • Grades: 3rd and up
  • Number of scouts: 10-30

Wildlife Ecology     Animals are everywhere!  This program will take a moment to look around our area for evidence of animals and their habitats, and think about how they interact with their environment. Scouts will also discover how animal adaptations affect their chances of survival using experiential, hands-on activities. 

  • Cost $10/scout/hour
  • Time:  1-2 hours
  • Grades: 6th and up
  • Number of scouts: 10-30

Town Hall Meeting     Scouts will roleplay different interest groups in a debate about the ecological, social, and economic advantages and disadvantages of building a theme park attraction in their fictional community. This activity teaches scouts the importance of and how to have a civil and ethical debate with their peers, and will leave them empowered to enact change in their local community!

  • Cost $10/scout/hour
  • Time:  1.5 hours
  • Grades: 5th and up
  • Number of scouts: 10-40

      Our activities instill personal development and self-confidence, encourage cooperation with others, enrich problem-solving skills, and offer fun with a challenge.  While expanding your comfort zone, each person is supporting and planning with others in the team, developing positive relationships, building trust and inspiring positive changes.

      The Adventure Center is the best for:

      • listening to instructions then applying what you have learned
      • using small motor skills, as well as incorporating physical fitness balance and strength
      • personal development, self-confidence
      • cooperation with others, becoming a team member
      • stepping out of your comfort zone in a controlled environment
      • team bonding including encouragement and help for others, communication, support and leadership, and connection with others
      • decision making based on completion of challenge element
      • problem solving skills leading to accomplishment
      • a fun outdoor activity with a challenge

      What we offer:

      • a discounted rate for groups of 10 people or more
      • escorts and/or monitors required depending on age and activity
      • bring your own meals or snacks
      • optional party tent rentals for a comfortable and designated space for your group

      Nowhere in Asheville are there so many different outdoor activities in one place that offer personal growth and discovery. Guests are encouraged to expand their personal comfort zones, increase their self confidence, and support others challenged to do the same. We offer opportunities to move from good to great friends, team members, or leaders as guests literally climb to new heights!

      “We took 10 Cub Scouts and their Dads through the Ropes Course. There were courses for all levels of adventure. The staff were friendly and patient with the kids. We definitely recommend the adventure park for kids!”

      Cub Scout Leader

      OPEN: WED-SUN 10am-5pm

      Fun adventures for the full family, Ages 4+