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CHOOSE AN ADVENTURE: Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours annual passes to the Adventure Center of Asheville

Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours is NOW OPEN!

Located just 20 minutes north of Asheville at our NEW Adventure Mountain location in

Barnardsville, NC

  • 369 Paint Fork Rd Barnardsville, NC 28709

Adventure Center of Asheville’s Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours in Barnardsville, N.C., is Asheville and Western North Carolina’s newest ultimate off-road driving experience.  Drive or Ride our Guided Tours in 4-person Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) on 220 acres of scenic mountain trails climbing up 1,400 feet on Adventure Mountain.  With an elevation of 4,200 feet at the peak, Adventure Mountain off-road trails travel through hardwood forests and extreme mountain terrain.   Start with a training area to develop your off-road skills, then follow our guide on technical trails, rock and log obstacles, hill climbs, and spectacular views.  

Our ORVs combine power and function to provide new or experienced drivers with a great adventure. Although they can go fast, our tours are not focused on speed but on learning and practicing the skills of managing challenges inherent in off-roading such as maneuvering around and over obstacles, climbing steep grades but also crawling down steep gradients, selecting the best course to traverse difficult spots successfully, and understanding capabilities of the ORV such as lateral stability, clearance, wheel locking and maneuvering capabilities.

Our training area will provide an opportunity to practice in an active, hands-on start. Once you’ve mastered your machine, it’s game on!! Our ORV course will include the best of our Adventure Mountain property: a 1,400-foot elevation change with the highest peak at 4,232 feet while enjoying panoramic views of the highest mountains in the Eastern United States (Blue Ridge Mountains, Balsam Mountains, Mount Mitchell, and the Great Smoky Mountains).  Our 220 wooded acres have 7+ miles of ridgeline, lush valley, cliffside, creekside, and crossing trails. 

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will lead the way while communicating with our guests.  Z1R Road Max Helmets are provided for each participant and are required for safety and comfort. 

The 220 acre Adventure Mountain property has a vast history on this steep mountain of homesteading, farming, tree harvesting, and now protection and recovery. Although the off road tour is an adventure it is also an opportunity to see and learn the challenges and successes of farming and living off of the steep and rocky lands of the historic Appalachian Mountains of Western NC. You will visit the remains of the old homestead, learn how this farming community north of the “big city” of Asheville was settled and how the families struggled and survived in this steep and lush valley that is still home to generations of families and farmers. The most recent use of the mountain was timber harvesting. Our team of knowledgeable guides will share the importance of forest management and care following such stark impacts as clear cutting forests, invasive plant invasion and native plant elimination. They will share the efforts Adventure Mountain Resort is undertaking to not only protect and preserve this mountain but to remove invasive plants and weaker plant stands to replace with native and more vibrant and sustainable forest structures.

Adventure Center of Asheville’s Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours is not at our in-town location!! It is a short scenic drive from downtown Asheville just outside of the small community of Barnardsville, NC, in the Paint Fork Road Valley. The drive is the perfect distance to be as close to Asheville as possible while allowing you to get out in the woods. 

*********Booking Information- we currently have 3 drive-your-own ORVs.  They each have a maximum of 4 people.  We also have the option for up to 3 people to RIDE with our ORV guide.  So there is a maximum of 15 participants per trip time.  You may book online.  There is no group discount. 

Planning Your Guided Tour:

  • Reservations are required. You may book online. 
  • Check-In will be at the Building adjacent to the parking area (not at the house.)
  • Check-In Time is 30 minutes before your tour time.
  • Tours Operate on Time.  No refunds for late arrivals.  Please plan plenty of time for travel and check-in.  
  • We currently have 3 drive-your-own ORVs.  They each have a maximum of 4 people.  We also have the option for up to 3 people to RIDE with our ORV guide.  So there is a maximum of 15 participants per trip time. However, there is no group discount. 

Location and Contact:

369 Paint Fork Road, Barnardsville, NC

(see below for directions and map)



  • Drive Your Own
    • $400 Per 4-seat Off-Road Vehicle
    • Includes up to 4 guests per vehicle
    • Includes 2 standard drivers who must complete the skills training (age 21 or older, valid US driver’s license)
    • The maximum weight limit of guests in 1 ORV may not exceed 1,000 lbs. 
  • $40 For Each Additional Driver per Vehicle
    • Age 21 or older, valid US driver’s license
  • $100 For Each Guest Riding with Tour Guide
    • Must be age 8 and over
    • Maximum 3 guests
  • $40 Optional Non-Refundable Damage Insurance per Vehicle

    See the Damage Insurance Policy below

  • $20 Optional Trip Cancellation Guarantee Fee per Vehicle

    See the Cancellation Policy below

  • 7.5% tax & processing fee is added to each reservation
  • Payment Is Due At Time of Reservation
  • All tours include

    • mandatory top-quality padded helmets with vents and visors
    • mandatory helmet liners are provided, or you can purchase your individual liner or bring a bandana or buff from home
    • snacks 

Open Wednesdays to Sundays

(If you would like to book for a day that we are closed, please give us a call at 828.225.2921 and we will see if we can accommodate you. )

Tour Times:  9:30, 12:00, 2:30

(A 5:00 Tour Time might be an option.  Please call the office to ask for availability.)

Trip time is 1.5-2 hours which includes the practice area and trails. 

Explore Adventure Mountain

Rules & Regulations

  • Drivers are required to be 21 years of age or older and present a valid driver’s license.
  • Riders are required to be 8 years of age and older.
  • The total weight limit of all guests in one ORV cannot exceed 1,000 lbs. 
  • Absolutely no alcohol or illegal substances on premises or consumption of any illegal substances before driving vehicles.  If there is suspicion, your tour will be canceled without a refund. 
  • Check-In will be at the Building adjacent to the parking area (not at the house.)
  • Check-In Time is 30 minutes before your tour time.
  • Tours Operate on Time.  There are NO refunds for late arrivals.  Please plan plenty of time for travel and check-in.  
  • All riders are required to wear a seat belt, helmet, and helmet liner whenever the vehicle is moving.
  • Waivers signed by legal guardians are required for riders and drivers.
  • No refunds for inclement weather
  • What to wear:
    • Dress for the weather on the mountain to play and get dirty! (Coats, Raincoats, Warm Layers, etc.)
    • Closed Toe Shoes are required for all participants. 
  • What to bring:
    • Water in reusable water bottles (no single-use plastic allowed)
    • There is limited outdoor (but private) space to change your clothes after your tour. 
    • A bandana or buff to use as a helmet liner. 
    • Valid driver’s license per ORV driver. 

**Important Note Regarding Weather**

Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours will operate rain or shine.

Trail options may vary depending on the weather. Please dress for the weather and be prepared for the possibility that you will get dirty. Vehicles are open-air during the summer. A full enclosure can be provided during cooler seasons. Heat does come into the ORV from the engine and our AC is the breeze as you drive.

Cancellation Policy

We operate rain or shine except in severe weather that the management team deems hazardous. Advanced notice might not be possible. If we cancel the tour, Guests can choose between a full/partial refund, reschedule, or voucher.

Everyone can cancel up to 72 hours before the activity start time to get a full refund minus the 7.5% credit card and processing fee.

If you select for the Optional Trip Cancellation Guarantee, you can cancel

  • up to 24 hours before the activity to get a refund minus the  7.5% credit card and processing fee.
  • within 24 hours of the start of the activity get a voucher

Damage Insurance Policy

There are basic expectations of wear and tear on our ORVs when being used on our trails. The wear and tear from making contact with the ground while driving on our designated trails and following your guide is the responsibility of Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours.

$40 Optional Non-Refundable Damage Insurance per Vehicle

For a Non-Refundable Fee of $40 per vehicle, all approved drivers are covered for any and all vehicle damage during the appropriate use of the vehicle unless they are willfully disregarding the rules, the Adventure Mountain Guides, or the designated trail routes.

Damage Insurance Contract

If declining the Damage Insurance Fee, any damage caused to the ORV by the purposeful or accidental impact is the responsibility of the driver regardless of who is driving the ORV at the time the damage occurs. 

Including: :

  • with other Off-Road Vehicles (ORV) while on the tour, parked, or passing
  • with objects from the established trails
  • by rolling or flipping the ORV
  • by driving over the directed speed
  • by not following the rules provided both verbally and/or in writing

A credit card must be on file with Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours and the owner of that card will be charged the fees required to repair any damage plus 10% for transportation and loss of use of the vehicle. A receipt for the repairs will be provided with the charges. The cardholder agrees to accept this responsibility and the fees as stated above. Every effort will be taken to minimize the cost of parts and services to return the ORV to its previous condition prior to the damage.

This agreement is a legally binding contract between Adventure Center of Asheville (dba. Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours) and the cardholder and cannot be revoked by refusal to pay or by the dispute of charges to the card issuer. Charges can range from $500 to $25,000. Damage insurance is available prior to the tour start time for a fee or you can check with your credit card company/issuer or personal auto insurer to determine any existing coverage you may have.  We take numerous precautions to assure you get the adventure intended.  But variables out of our control such as weather conditions and varying degrees of driving experience can cause conditions to change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get dirty?

Probably! Depending on the weather your clothes and shoes could get wet and muddy. The vehicles are open-air without heat or AC so be prepared for all elements. 

You may also get into a muddy ORV that has just been on a tour. 

What should I wear?

Dress for the changing mountain weather and temperatures. We recommend you check the forecast for Barnardsville, N.C. for your tour day. It can be cool in the morning and late afternoon but warm mid-day. Layers are highly recommended unless it’s full summer or winter. The vehicles are open-air without heat or AC so be prepared for all elements. 

Comfortable Closed Toe Shoes are Required.  Shoes and Clothes may get dirty. Raincoats are good to bring to protect from mud and weather conditions.

There is limited outdoor (but private) space to change your clothes after your tour. 

What should I bring?
  • We will provide snacks and water at certain breaks along the tour. You are welcome to bring your own water container but we ask that no “sticky” drinks be opened except when out of the vehicle as spills are likely and messy for you & the next Guests. Water with reusable water bottles is recommended.
  • No single-use plastic is allowed on tours.
  • Cell phones and/or cameras are welcome. There will be secure storage available but all items brought are “At Your Own Risk.” You will typically have opportunities to take pictures and videos inside and outside of your ORVs.
  • Bring your own bandana or buff for your personal helmet liner. 
  • Bring a valid driver’s license for all drivers. 
  • Bring any emergency medications for any participants to check-in including inhalers and EPIPENS. 

Hats- We will be wearing helmets so hats should be left in your vehicle. 

Firearms/knives/sharp objects- No firearms, please. No knives unless secured where they will not puncture soft goods. Damage coverage does not cover damage from personal items (knives, pens, etc.) cutting/tearing seats. Please remove all those items from your pockets. 

Valuables- Wallets, jewelry, and all valuables are best locked into your car, and keys are secured in our office. You can take them with you but if lost they are probably lost for good or our search will likely require a later time (based on our tour schedule) and a fee for the time vehicles and staff are occupied searching. Best to leave that all secure in your vehicle. 

Trash/Food- No plastic & excessive trash/food. Please allow time to eat meals before arriving or prior to your trip. There are a few shared picnic tables if you would like to eat prior to or following your tour. 

Single-use plastics

What is the Off-Road experience like?

Our goal is to make it as fun, interesting, and exciting as possible while keeping safety as our top priority. Guests are allowed to drive. Training and practice areas are included at the start of the tour. The equipment we provide is top-of-the-line and exceeds any other tour we’ve experienced in the Southeast. This will improve your overall experience. Your guide is not just there to guide you but to teach and to help you make choices on the easiest and most challenging options when possible. Our tours are small and our property is pristine. You will experience obstacles, climbs, descents, and technical challenges.

There will be some “power areas” where you will accelerate but this tour is not meant to be a “fast” experience. This is an off-road experience with rugged terrain that may include steep climbs, uneven terrain, jolting bumps, trees, tree branches, water, mud, slippery areas, dust, and other objects that might become airborne or could hit or be hit by Guests or the ORV. You or another tour member might get stuck or have mechanical challenges that cause the group to focus on those issues which can alter any tour. There is always the limited possibility a vehicle can roll but speed and lack of training/supervision is the most common cause of rolling vehicles. This is part of off-roading and will be handled as quickly as possible but can change the tour experience. 

Location and Directions

Adventure Mountain is located at 369 Paint Fork Road in Barnardsville, NC.  (Not at the Adventure Center of Asheville.) You may use the Google Map below for directions, however, there are 2 ways to get there from Asheville, a scenic mountain drive and an interstate route.

Scenic Valley with Mountain Pass Directions- approximately 1.5 miles of curvy mountain road

  • Take Hwy 19/23, I-26/Future 26 North toward Weaverville UNCA for 5.7 miles
  • Exit 21 New Stock Rd
  • Turn right at the base of the ramp traffic light then immediately left onto Weaverville Rd/US 19/23 business for 0.6 miles 
  • Turn right onto Reems Creek Rd. for 6.8 miles
  • Turn left onto Maney Branch Rd for 3.3 miles. (Notice: Maney Branch goes over a short mountain pass that has about 1/2 mile up and 1 mile down of curvy roads.)
  • Maney Branch becomes Paint Fork Rd at the top of the pass.
  • Adventure Mountain is on your left about 0.4 miles past The Barn at Paint Fork

Interstate Route

  • Take I-26, US 19/23 12 miles from Downtown Asheville
  • Take Exit 15 towards Barnardsville on 197
  • Turn right and go 5.9 miles on Barnardsville Hwy to Barnardsville
  • Turn right on Paint Fork Rd. Follow signs to Barnardsville Elementary, Bad Axes, and Adventure Mountain Resort.
  • From Barnardsville Hwy: Exactly 2.0 miles on Paint Fork Rd. to AMR-ORV Tours. 
  • Adventure Mountain is on your right
Can I book at group at Adventure Mountain?

You may, as long as you have 15 people or less on a trip time and we have availability.  We have 3 vehicles that can take a maximum of 4 people each.  Then we have the guide vehicle where 3 people can ride.  There is no group discount.  And you may book online using the booking link above. 

Are there accommodations at Adventure Mountain?

Not at this time.  Weaverville, NC has great B&B options.  And Asheville has many options.  Check out Explore Asheville to find out more.

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