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CHOOSE AN ADVENTURE: Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours annual passes to the Adventure Center of Asheville
POSTED: July 5, 2017

Asheville’s Best Family Adventures

When you plan a vacation with your children you (or your partner) will likely find yourself in search of “family friendly” activities. Not every city is equipped to entertain any age group. A visit to Las Vegas with an 8 year old may not be your best choice – Ashevegas on the other hand, has plenty to offer. Of the vacation destinations across the country, Asheville stands out among the most family friendly places to visit. When you visit Western North Carolina with your kids, here are a few places that should never miss:

Western North Carolina Natural Center

The WNC Nature Center serves all 27 counties of western North Carolina and has welcomed over 93,000 visitors through its doors.  25,000 of these visitors were school children attending the Nature Center in conjunction with their classroom curriculum. In fact, the Nature Center is one of the primary facilities in Western North Carolina offering school children opportunities to learn about and develop an understanding of their responsibility for this area’s native wildlife and habitats. In addition to hosting school groups, the Nature Center offers summer camp for elementary and middle school children, a Junior Naturalist youth volunteer program for middle school students and various volunteer opportunities for adults of all ages.  The Center also provides educational programs for all ages about the rich heritage of the Southern Appalachian Region including the Wolf Howl – which offers an opportunity to learn about red and gray wolves through a classroom presentation and an outdoor visit to our onsite wolf habitats — and the NC Elk Program — when participants have an opportunity to learn about the elk reintroduction program, elk ecology, and then, travel to visit the newly introduced elk in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Nature Center has also been a participating member in the Red Wolf Species Survival Program since 1990, successfully breeding and exhibiting endangered Red wolves, and providing educational signage and programs for its visitors.

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

If you’ve got adventurous children over the age of 7 then the Asheville Treetops Adventure Park and Asheville Zipline Canopy Adventure are an absolute MUST on your next trip to Western North Carolina. Asheville Treetops Adventure Park is 50 unique climbing, zipping, walking, jumping, swinging, and rappelling challenges anchored to over 30 trees and towering poles tucked into a wooded park just minutes from downtown Asheville. The park offers four different adventure trails that allow Park Guests the choice to challenge only the obstacles they feel comfortable with.  While you explore the park you will move at your own pace and tackle challenges as an individual, instead of in a group, like the canopy tour experience. Think of it as ski slopes in the trees and a true “Jungle Gym” for all ages, strengths, and adventure levels.   These are just our top 3 picks of the countless family adventures that Asheville has to offer. The list could go on and on…. and on…. and on. From white water rafting or a lazy canoe ride down the rivers to a stroll through historic Black Mountain, there is no limit to the fun your family can have when you vacation in Asheville, NC!

OPEN: WED-SUN 10am-5pm

Fun adventures for the full family, Ages 4+