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CHOOSE AN ADVENTURE: Adventure Mountain Off-Road Tours annual passes to the Adventure Center of Asheville
POSTED: April 7, 2020

Create A Road Map To Keep Your Family Active And Connected

Adventure Center of Asheville owner, Jeff Greiner, was recently featured in an interview on “Speaking of Travel.” Jeff Greiner, owner of the Adventure Center in Asheville, managing partner at Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours and member of the Wildwater Adventures family, provides tips on how to keep everyone active during challenging times by planning activities together, being outdoors and reconnecting with your youth. Jeff provides a historical overview of how his family’s original outdoor adventure business, Wildwater Adventures, along with its expansion from mostly a rafting focus, evolved into aerial adventures as a result of the family traveling both times they expanded into broader services. Jeff explains how a family doing things together, being outdoors and challenging themselves, is the key to staying optimistic and healthy in these challenging times. Also on the show is an update form Tina Kinsey, Director of Marketing, PR and Air Service Development at the Asheville Regional Airport. The dedicated team at AVL is working diligently to keep the airport safe and operational during this uncertain time. And join Doc Lawerence, host of The Gourmet Highway, as he shares a first-hand account of Dr. Martin Luther King enjoying a wine tasting. This one-of-a-kind story confirms Dr. King’s sophistication and penchant for excellence and is saturated with timeless history. CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE FULL INTERVIEW

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Fun adventures for the full family, Ages 4+