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POSTED: February 5, 2020

Family Fun in Asheville, NC

The Beauty of Western North Carolina

Asheville, NC is an amazing city, especially to raise a family in. It is a beautiful town that is surrounded by some of the most stunning scenery on Earth. People who live here get to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the city. The city itself offers a lot of activities to enjoy. There are loads of great restaurants that appeal to every kind of palette. There are countless cultural opportunities for families to enjoy, including some amazing art and music venues.

Fun & Adventurous Activities for Teenagers in Asheville

Just like any other city life isn’t just peaches and cream for families that include teenagers. The city does have a reputation as being a little “boring” for kids that have entered their teenage years because so many of the family friendly attractions in town are purely geared towards younger children. This can present a big challenge for parents looking for activities offering family fun in the city that will appeal to their teens as well as their younger children. Parents of teens in Asheville can always count on one destination that will appeal to teens and everyone else in the family, and that destination is nestled high in the treetops just outside of Downtown Asheville.

No place in the city offers more family fun than Asheville Treetops Adventure Park. This amazing place will appeal to family members of all ages. This is an attraction that offers the ultimate in excitement for vacationing visitors and Asheville residents alike. The park consists of 50 distinct challenges that allow visitors to have a blast rappelling, climbing, walking, running, jumping, swinging and zip lining in the treetops.

It is so thrilling to have the chance to go on an adventure at this park. Visitors get to go through the challenges by themselves, working at their own pace. This takes the pressure off of similar challenges that people do in a group. This is a wonderful thing for families with teenagers. Instead of forcing your teens to wait for their parents or siblings, you can let them run on ahead. They can enjoy the facility without you breathing over their shoulders, which will make them a lot happier. The park offers a perfect balance between independent freedom to roam and a unique shared experience that will have you all talking for weeks to come, and it will be well worth the physical challenges when you see the smiles on your kids faces.

Visitors to the park may be a little worried when they first see all of the challenges nestled high up among the treetops. Though they are high off the ground, every piece of equipment in the park is perfectly safe. The park uses a ground-breaking safety system that keeps users attached to a safety line at all times while they are using the equipment. This amazing safety system keeps users attached to a safety line as they use all the various challenges, and they are unable to separate from the safety line until they have come to the end of a course.

There are four distinct courses that users can choose from, ranging from easy to extremely challenging. This ensures that visitors of all ability levels are able to have a great time at the facility. Parents can take their younger children on the easy run while their teens tackle the most difficult run. This great system makes Asheville Treetop Adventure Park the perfect place for family fun that will satisfy every member of the family. Families looking for the perfect entertainment option should check it out today.

OPEN: WED-SUN 10am-5pm

Fun adventures for the full family, Ages 4+