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POSTED: February 5, 2020

Host your next Birthday Party at Asheville Treetops Adventure Park

Asheville Birthday Party Ideas

Hosting a birthday party for children can be extremely difficult especially when they are in their tween years. From planning an entertaining event that everyone will enjoy to struggling to prepare all aspects of the party if hosting it at your own home, there are many different things that go into planning a birthday party for your tween-age children. Not only can it take a good deal of time to plan your party at home, but it can also be a huge pain to prepare everything including food and games, and then having to clean it all up at the end of the day. Rather than dealing with all of this un-needed stress, simply opt to take advantage of these Asheville birthday party ideas that are sure to appeal to tween groups over the age of 7.

Asheville Birthday Party Ideas

Asheville Treetops Adventure Park is the perfect place to plan your tween’s next birthday party. Located in Asheville, North Carolina, this is truly the perfect place to create a memorable, unique and exciting experience that the kids will never forget. Best of all, at one of the best party places in the area, all aspects of the day are taken care of for you, leaving you with nothing to set-up, nothing to clean and absolutely nothing to worry about. When planning an Asheville kids party for groups over 7 years old, simply take advantage of these birthday party ideas at one of the top party places in Asheville for a party unlike any other.

The Best Party Places and Packages

An Asheville kids party would not be complete without spending the day at the Treetops Adventure Park. With many different packages to choose from, these Asheville birthday party ideas will not disappoint the birthday boy or girl and their guests. Some Asheville kids party package options include the Buccaneers Birthday Party, Explorers Birthday Party and Adventurers Birthday Party. As one of the best party places hosted in an amazing setting, children will enjoy frolicking through the treetops, various level trail access, catering, cupcakes and cake. Select the Buccaneers Birthday Party package for your Asheville kids party can receive green trail access which is ideal for ages 7 through 10. Small and large packages are available for anywhere from 7 to 12 guests. Go on a 2 hour adventure complete with cupcakes and cake combo that serves up to 15 guests. Select the Explorers Birthday Party for your Asheville kids party which is recommended for ages 10 through 14 and includes access to green and moderate yellow trails. Those looking for birthday party ideas for older tweens from age 10 and up who are more adventurous can take advantage of the Adventurers Birthday Party which includes access to 2 unique yellow trails. As one of the best party places, kids will enjoy zip-lining, making their way across bridges and more from high above the trees.

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