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The Adventure Center of Asheville will host
The 2nd Annual Winter Wonder Walk

December 9,10,11,15,16,17,18

The Adventure Center of Asheville is excited to host the 2nd Annual Winter Wonder Walk. 

Celebrate the Wonder of Winter with a live-action immersive story-walk on an OUTDOOR trail complete with live characters, lights, and a blustery guest, Jack Frost.  The Winter Wonder Walk follows the pages of the storybook of Winterland- full of holiday magic for all ages!  Guests will set out on a quest through the kingdom of Winterland to find Jack Frost and the Sugar Plum Fairy and stop a terrible blizzard while meeting many wonderful characters along the way.    

Presented by Mellow Mushroom and created by Asheville Plays, Winter Wonder Walk is hosted by the Adventure Center of Asheville for the 2nd year.   

Families can also enjoy a holiday market, filled with locally made unique gifts, a kids’ play area, and a warm festival tent buzzing with local vendors, tasty concessions, and activities for the whole family.

Don’t miss out on the Treetops Adventure Park Glow Trail, which will be available for guests age 4 years or older! Climb on two of our AERIAL trails while they are illuminated with thousands of colorful twinkle and laser lights.   This is available with a combo pass only! Please review the Glow Trail Section on this page for age requirements and adult escorts.  

Doors and festivities open at 5:30 each night.  The Winter Wonder Walk and Glow Trail will open at 6 pm, with the last entrance to the Winter Wonder Walk to be at 8:30.

This event supports our entire community by raising money for meals for Manna Foodbank with our Memories Making Meals program.  Every ticket purchased donates $1 or 4 meals!  


Adults (18+) MUST accompany minors
on the Winter Wonder Walk

Combo Passes that include the Glow Trail may sell out. Winter Wonder Walk tickets do not.

Please read our FAQs and Glow Trail Rules before purchasing tickets. 

5:30  Festival Area Doors Open

5:30-6:30 Arrival Time for Combo Passes

6:00- Winter Walk and Aerial Glow Trail Open. Access for those with Combo Passes will be assigned Glow Trail time on arrival. 

8:00 Glow Trail line closes

8:30 Winter Wonder Walk line closes


  • FREE

    Ages 3 and under at the Winter Wonder Walk only | Adults (18+) MUST accompany minors

  • $18

    WINTER WONDER WALK ONLY | Adults (18+) MUST accompany minors

    Ages 4 and over 
  • $40

    COMBO PASS: WINTER WONDER WALK &  2 AERIAL GLOW TRAILS | Adults (18+) MUST accompany minors

    Glow Trail access will be assigned on arrival. 

    Ages 4 and over

IMPORTANT: With a COMBO PASS, please arrive between 5:30 and 6:30. Each activity will take between 45 minutes to an hour depending upon lines. Guests must be in line for the Glow Trail by 8pm or the Winter Wonder Walk by 8:30 PM. Upon arrival, all guests will be assigned a Glow Trail time. 

$1 of every Winter Wonder Walk ticket goes to Manna Food Bank for “Memories Making Meals.”  


  • $24

    Mellow Mushroom Large Pizzas (8 slices) are available to pre-order with your Winter Wonder Walk tickets or Combo Passes. Choose between Cheese, Pepperoni and Vegetarian.  Then pick them up at the Mellow Mushroom table under the tent from 6-8pm. 

2022 DATES

  • December 9, 10 & 11
  • December 15, 16, 17 & 18

**December 11 is Sensory Friendly Night- same fun with extra accommodations for our sensory-friendly friends. 

Aerial Glow Trail

Family-Friendly Treetops Adventure Park Aerial Glow Trail- climb two aerial trails


  • Ages 4 and over
    • Ages 4-6 can climb the Purple Trail twice without a paid adult escort (this trail is mainly on the ground.) They are Required to have an adult watching.
    • Ages 4-6 can choose to climb the higher Green or Blue Trails (10 feet high) but are Required to have 1 paying/climbing adult escort (18+) per child.
    • Ages 7- 12 can climb the (10 feet high) Green or Blue Trails by themselves but require an adult (18+) watching. 
    • Ages 13+ must have an adult on property.
    • As these aerial trails are only 10 feet off the ground, they are a perfect holiday treat for all ages including adults! (Yellow, Orange, Red, & Black trails will not be open or available for this event.)
  • To climb the Aerial Glow Trail, every participant must:
    • be wearing closed-toe shoes
    • be wearing clothing that a full-body harness (with leg and arm straps) can fit over
    • be able to fit a helmet on their head  
  • Maximum weight limit is 265 lbs.
  • Waivers signed by legal guardians are required. Please fill out required waivers at time of purchase to save time at check-in. (2022 Adventure Center of Asheville and/or Kolo Bike Park waivers are not valid for this event, you must fill out a 2022 Combo Pass waiver to participate.)  

IMPORTANT: With a COMBO PASS, please arrive between 5:30 and 6:30. Each activity will take between 45 minutes to an hour depending upon lines. Guests must be in line for the Glow Trail by 8 pm or the Winter Wonder Walk by 8:30 PM. Upon arrival, all guests will be assigned a Glow Trail time. 

$40 Winter Wonder Walk & Aerial Glow Trail Access Combo Pass – Adults (18+) MUST accompany minors on the Winter Wonder Walk. 

The Details


Adventure Center of Asheville, 85 Expo Drive, Asheville, NC 28806

Located just 5 minutes from Downtown Asheville and behind Sam’s Club


While the Winter Wonder Walk Festival area is accessible by wheelchair or stroller, the actual Winter Wonder Walk trail is not.  At the Adventure Center, many of our “walking” areas are thick gravel.  So small wheeled strollers, carts, and wheelchairs usually do not work well.   

Check-In and Cancellations


Upon arrival at The Adventure Center of Asheville please follow the fence and lights to the Entrance. A greeter will send you to the correct place to check-in for either the Winter Wonder Walk or Combo Pass.

***** Online Combo Pass Winter Wonder Walk/Aerial Glow Trail waivers should be completed when making reservations to significantly reduce wait time at check-in.  Click here for a waiver. 


Due to the anticipated volume, all reservations are final and cannot be canceled/refunded.  Combo passes may be transferred in advance by contacting the Adventure Center of Asheville at 828-225-2921.  “No shows” cannot transfer their time. Transfers are based on space availability and may be limited due to capacity maximums. 

Giving Back

We are dedicated to making Winter Wonder Walk a true community event and are honored to be a part of your holiday celebrations.

  • Memories Making Meals with each ticket donating 4 meals to MANNA Foodbank. In the past 2 years, we have donated 38,400 meals to MANNA. 
  • Sensory Friendly Night – December 16 is Sensory Friendly Night sponsored by Great Smiles and Camp Lakey Gap. This night will operate normally, however, there will be a special check-in booth for Sensory Friendly Night offering special services for those who request them. 
  • We also support Give Kids The Music and The Boy Scouts. 

Groups and Birthday Parties

You may bring a group or a Birthday Party to the Winter Wonder Walk.  Just buy your block of tickets via the links above.  Full Pizzas are also available for pre-purchase. However, there is no further discount and no food or drink are allowed to be brought in after 5pm. Also, if your group has combo passes, you must check in together to be able to climb the Glow Trail at the same time. 

Your Wintery Hosts

The Winter Wonder Walk is produced by Asheville Plays! Asheville Plays! was founded by a local husband and wife team, Arica Haro and Hans Banzer who create lasting memories through the power of play. The Haunted Trail and Winter Wonder Walk are Asheville Plays! signature events.  Each year we are hoping to make our trails a treasured part of your family’s tradition. 

For more information, visit For more information about Asheville Plays!, visit

Sensory Friendly Night is December 11

Join us for a “Sensory-Friendly” walk through the Winter Wonder Walk on December 11.  In cooperation with Camp Lakey Gap Autism Programs, we will be providing a family-friendly trail experience with special accommodations for youth or adults with sensory issues. 

How does Sensory Friendly Night work?

  • The Trail will be operating normally on this night (we do not use strobe lights in the Trail.)
  • If you want a sensory-friendly experience, check-in at the Sensory Friendly Night booth.  It will be indicated with a banner, table, and counselors in Sensory Friendly Night t-shirts.
  • The counselors will allow you to bypass the waiting line, and enter the Trail through a special entrance.
  • On the Trail, the counselor can walk ahead of your group to alert the actors depending on your needs.


  • What makes us different? We literally bring the magic to life with our cast of talented actors and immersive storyline. Although we will still have a lighted walk throughout the woods, our focus is more on creating an interactive and theatrical story walk.
  • Is it kid/family-friendly?  Yes!  We stick to classic Holiday themes with Jack Frost as the main character. 
  • What time should I get there?  Doors open at 5:30 in the Festival Area.  Then the Winter Wonder Walk will open with actors from 6-8:30 pm.  If you are climbing the Aerial Glow Trail, too, please arrive between 5:30 and 6:30 pm to check in and have time to climb the Aerial Glow Trail and walk the Winter Wonder Walk.  The Glow Trail will close at 8 pm and the Winter Wonder Walk will close at 8:30 pm.  Please plan time to park, check in, and sign waivers. 
  • What is there to do other than The Winter Wonder Walk?  There is a festival area with a holiday market, a kids’ play area, and a warm festival tent buzzing with local vendors, tasty concessions, and activities for the family.  And of course, the aerial Glow Trail (if it is not sold out.)
  • What is Memories Making Meals? It is our way of giving back to our community.  For every ticket, $1 is donated to Manna Food Back which turns into 4 meals.  Last year we raised $5,600 which is 22,400 meals.  In the last two years, we have raised money for 38,400 meals. 
  • May I bring our own food & beverages? Food and Beverages are not allowed to be brought in after 5pm.
  • Is the event outside? Yes, other than the heated tent area, the Winter Wonder Walk is a trail walk through the woods. Please dress for the weather outdoors and wear appropriate shoes.
  • Can we bring strollers or wheelchairs? The walkways of the Adventure Center are deep gravel.  The Winter Wonder Walk is on an outdoor trail with layers of carpet, roots, rocks, etc.  While we try our best to make it an easy walking trail, strollers and wheelchairs are not recommended. 
  • If we buy a Combo Pass Ticket, do I need to fill out a waiver if we just came to the Adventure Center or Kolo Bike Park? Yes, the Combo Pass waiver includes the Winter Wonder Walk waiver and a new one must be completed each year.  Here is the link!
  • What about the weather? We plan to operate in most weather, however, if the weather is not cooperating, we will make our call by approximately 11 am. We will post it on our Facebook page and the Adventure Center of Asheville’s page. If we end up canceling a show day, your tickets will be honored on the next show day available. If there is bad weather on the last day, we will let you know how we will proceed.
  • Do you take credit cards? We accept cash and credit cards at all concessions and registration. We are highly encouraging our vendors to do as well.

The Winter Wonder Walk

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Aerial Glow Trail Rules and Regulations

  • Climbers must be at least 4 years old, certain ages require an adult escort.
  • Climbers must be 265 lbs. or less
  • Climbers must have closed toed shoes that are secure and protect the feet.
  • Climbers must attend training on safety gear, course equipment and structures within the park.
  • Climbers must demonstrate the ability to perform specific transfer tasks independently.
  • Climbers must be able to read, understand, and accept all park and ranger instructions in English.
  • Climbers that are 18 years and older may escort or supervise younger climbers.
  • Climbers must only use trails designated as appropriate based on age restrictions.
  • Climbers must limit access to the course to authorized times during operating hours.
  • Climbers must remain clipped to the safety system at all times while climbing on the course.
  • Climbers must accept all risks involved in participation and sign a release of liability waiver
  • Climbers must use equipment and gear properly as instructed and required by manufacturer.
  • The Purple, Green, and Blue Trails will be the only trails available for this event.

HOURS: FRI-SUN | 10AM-5PM | PLUS DEC 19-23 & 26-31 EVERY DAY

Fun adventures for the full family, Ages 4+

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Keith Bayer
Keith Bayer
November 27, 2022.
Absolutely Awesome!!
Len Gabel
Len Gabel
November 13, 2022.
This is a great place if you have never zip lined. The guys made it safe and comfortable and lots of fun. Beware the corny jokes.
Terri Frenia
Terri Frenia
November 4, 2022.
Very nice people, fun time :)
Ceiara Cartony
Ceiara Cartony
October 30, 2022.
Our favorite time of year, 5th yr experiencing The Haunted Trail -- never to disappoint! Thanks for another awesome year!
Adam Graham
Adam Graham
October 25, 2022.
So much fun. Definitely worth a visit. The Zipline guides are hilarious and fun.
Alexis A.
Alexis A.
October 25, 2022.
My son and I went ziplining, we did the short course. Though we were both terrified - it was extremely exhilarating! Brandon and Briggs were awesome instructors, and were also patient with me with each line as I was not able to get the courage to lift my feet to go 😳(I was too scared). Highly recommend visiting!
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