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POSTED: May 16, 2022

2022/2023 Asheville Twilight in the Treetops Night Climbs

December 30, 2022 and all Saturday Nights this Summer bring family and friends to our Asheville Treetops Adventure Park to enjoy an amazing Twilight in the Treetops Night Climb on five illuminated aerial trails, just five minutes from Downtown Asheville. Explore Asheville and Get OUTSIDE!

Imagine being 10-40 feet in the air, climbing up poles, flying on a hang-glider, paddling on a sky-kayak or playing on the turtle swing. Then as the sun sets, thousands of colored lights illuminate five aerial trails and all of their challenging elements. Our challenge elements include vertical poles, swinging bridges, a cheese wall, jellyfish, a limbo log, a lego bridge, and a parkway tunnel, just to name a few.  It is a perfect family summer adventure!

The Asheville Treetops Adventure Park is an aerial obstacle course in the Trees. It is not a zipline course. It is an aerial park with 7 total trails that range from ground level to 50 feet in the air for ages 4 and over. And there is a trail for everyone. Ages 4-6 start at the Purple Trail with 9 challenge elements that start on the ground and increase in height to 7 feet where kids zip to the ground.  The challenge elements include a log walk, cargo net, walking tunnel, rope bridge, ring bridge, and a platform step.   Then they can choose to climb on our Green and/or Blue Trails with an adult.

Our Green and Blue Trails are our lowest aerial trails at about 10 feet off the ground. They have many fun elements like swinging pirate bridges, a slide, a limbo log, a fishing bridge, and a zip to the ground. Ages 7 and over may climb on these two trails by themselves. These are great “beginner” trails for those who are accepting this challenge for the first time! And for those who don’t want to go higher, they don’t have to. This activity is what we call “Challenge By Choice.” We love for you to accept our challenges, but at your own level of comfort!

Our Yellow Trail or our “Mountains to Sea” trail is a great Intermediate Trail for ages 7-9 to climb with an escort. Or ages 10 and over to climb independently. The real Mountains to Sea Trail crosses the State of North Carolina from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the Outer Banks. Our aerial trail has 8 elements that take Guests from the mountains with the mountain climber’s steps and bear claw bridge to a rolling obstacle that you glide on sea turtle, to a bridge you can try to avoid the jellyfish.

Then for those who crave more excitement, there are three more trails for you! (Age restrictions apply!) The Orange Course starts by climbing straight up to a higher level of fun with a parkway tunnel, hang glider, and army ropes cargo nets. The Red Course includes a Sky Kayak, Cheese Wall, and a Slide to Nowhere. Then there is the Black Diamond Course, for those with unlimited adrenaline. This course, which is about 50 feet in the air, includes a climbing wall, hula hoops, a snowboard, and a fireman’s pole before ending in a zipline. (The Black Course is closed for the Twilight in the Treetops.)

And did we mention our “Safe-Lock” clips? While you are climbing, we have taken great care to ensure that you are clipped to our course with a new technology called “safe-lock” clips. One clip is always locked while a guest is climbing. So our guests can enjoy the heights knowing that they are connected to our cable system that can hold as much weight as a packed school bus!

Each Treetops trip time starts with a ground school and gear up! We get you ready to face our awesome treetops activity and then you practice before you head up!

Our Twilight Night Climbs are available December 30, 2022 and on Saturday Nights this summer from June 3-Sept 2 at 7:45 pm for ages 4 and over. Weight and Age Restrictions Apply. Check out all that information here!

Space is limited, so make your reservations today!  828.225.2921 or online.


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