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FOR GROUPS ONLY- Tree Quest is recreational tree climbing where guests use specialized gear and techniques to climb on one of our stately oak trees using a rope without negatively affecting the tree. Climbers “inch worm” their way up one of our eight climbs that range in height. TreeQuest allows Guests to enjoy an adventure activity in a controlled situation so that they can focus on the thrill of the activity and experience the environment they are in.

To book, contact group sales at


  • $30

    1 Hour Climb

TreeQuest can be booked for groups or for a special event.  Contact group sales.

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Rules & Regulations

  • 1.5 hours activity time
  • 8 people climb at a time
  • Available for groups
  • Age 7+ , Max weight of guest is 265 lbs., guest must be able to fit in harness

What Our TreeQuest Guests Are Saying…

Our girls had an amazing time with you on Saturday! Thank you for everything!! They loved both events, but the tree climbing was such a neat and different activity for them. They were sad when we had to finish up to head to the Chocolate tour.”

Gretchen S.

“Tree Tops well exceeded my expectations! This was the most care-free school event I have ever chaperoned. I knew each student was safe and having fun, and I was glad for the chance to join in with them. I especially loved that everyone was active the entire time so we could maximize our experience. I saw some students make great strides in conquering some fears and other students jumped at the opportunity to provide encouragement and support for one another.

The day was filled with shouts and screams of excitement and discovery. Phrases like, “Miss Hilterman, watch this!” and “I can’t believe I did that!” were heard throughout our time there. Being an outdoor guide myself, I was impressed with the staff (especially Amanda Wheelock!) and the set up even before we got to the gate. Each staff member did a great job testing each student’s helmet, getting us into our harnesses, explaining the clip system, letting us practice, and helping us through any roadblocks during the course.

I loved it so much that I’m bringing my family there next week!

Thank you for a great experience!”

Jennifer H. | Asheville Christian Academy School Event

“I took 65 middle school students to the Adventure Park as a team-building exercise for our Student Council. We had a FANTASTIC time. The folks at ATAP obviously put a lot of thought and planning into the team-building exercises we did on the ground and the climbing was just fantastic. Our students were excited, engaged, encouraging, and encouraged. It was all around excellent and we are already planning to return next year.”

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